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Ask No Questions, Tell No Lies

Title: Ask No Questions, Tell No Lies
Fandom: Lost
Author: tellshannon815
Characters: Matthew Abaddon, Naomi, Daniel, Miles, Charlotte, Frank. Mentions of Widmore, Desmond, Penny and Locke.
Spoilers: S4, especially Confirmed Dead and The Constant.
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Written for lostfichallenge #84: a different point of view. Matthew Abaddon recruits the freighter people.

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The Man from DHARMA

Title: The Man From DHARMA
Fandom: Lost
Author: tellshannon815
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Ben, Richard, Ethan, Tom, Jacob, original characters Isaac Alpert and ex-Dharma member Philip.
Spoilers: The Man Behind The Curtain.
Summary: How Ben became the leader of the Others, and his struggle to remain so.


Author's note: Apologies if some of you remember seeing this before, but it's reposted here at neoreulwonhae's request, following my reply to the previous post where this story was discussed.
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Gen Fic

Title: We're All in The Dance
Author: Failoh
Rating: PG
Summary: A night like any other on the island; the calm before the storm...
Spoilers: Early season one through seasons three.
Warnings: None, really, besides a bit of language and themes. Title is taken from a song by Feist and the story was originally written for falafel_fiction at lostsquee's luau!

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Repost and announcement: "Leaves"

Title: Leaves
Author: bachlava
Characters: Danielle and Alex, with ensemble
Rating: PG-13
Summary: A look into the lives of Rousseau mère et fille after the events of season three's finale.
Spoilers: Through episode 3x22; based on pure speculation thereafter.
Warnings: This is generally fairly tame (for the Lost) universe. There are a few notes on individual chapters for a few issues that may be sensitive.

Comments, feedback, and criticism are always welcome.

"Through the Looking Glass" and what Alex found there.

(Originally posted at  ficinabottle and lost_fanfic.)

STOCK. jars of life;

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Title: we're running out [of life]
Fandom: LOST
Charactrs: implied ensemble, gen
Rating: pg
Summary: They shouldn't be alive. Crash aftermath.
Author's Notes: Written for astra2104 for lostsquee luau! Her theme, beginnings, centers around the Pilot 1&2 eps and this fic (drabble-thing) is playing off the idea (theory?) that a lot of us talked about back in those early days that the surivors of flight 815 should never have survived in the first place. No beta.
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Plot Bunny Donation Post.

Welcome new members!

I've decided to do something here that might stimulate the flow of fics. I've done something similar at my other community, peter_mohinder, and it really stirs up the bunny soup. :p

Okay, so this post is for giving away bunnies that you've had floating around in your head and you aren't able to write, for whatever reason. Then when people give their bunnies away to this thread, then anyone who's having a fic dry spell can read through them and see if they'd like to 'adopt' one or two. So it kinda opens the doors for ideas and things.

So if you have any stray plot bunnies floating around that you can't handle, then feel free to drop them off at this post. And then someone can come and adopt your bunny and give it a loving home. :D
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